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  • "Welfare work as bureaucratic work : how state agents state individual cases"

    Public lecture, University of Copenhagen, Thursday 26 May, 2016.

  • Service public, service du public ? Sur les rapports entre l’administration et les usagers

    Colloque « Intérêt général, service public : quel enjeu pour la démocratie ? », Espaces dialogues, Musée d’art moderne et contemporain, Strasbourg, 19 mars 2016.

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  • "La acción del Estado, producto y objeto de disputa de las relaciones entre espacios sociales"

    Sudamérica. Revista de Ciencias Sociales, 4, 2015, p. 18-33.

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    Al permitir una superación de las falsas oposiciones y de los límites de las nociones ad hoc a menudo movilizadas por las aproximaciones dominantes en el análisis de políticas públicas, el modo de pensamiento relacional de la teoría de los campos ofrece una base útil para la construcción de las políticas del Estado como un objeto propio del análisis sociológico. El presente artículo propone esa perspectiva de movilizar el concepto de campo para analizar la acción pública en tanto ella está socialmente fundada sobre relaciones entre espacios sociales distintos, al tiempo que contribuye a estructurarlos.


    Voir en ligne : Sudamérica

  • "Governing the poor, from affects to morals"

    Keynote speech, Symposium State, Work and Affects, 27-28 January 2016, Vienna.

  • “Critical Policy Ethnography”

    in Frank Fischer, Doug Torgerson, Michael Orsini, Anna Durnova, eds., Handbook of Critical Policy Studies, 2015, Edward Elgar Publishing, p. 462-480.


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  • “The ethnography of institutions as a tool for critical policy analysis”

    Symposium on The Anthropology of Institutions, Brixen, Italy, 14-15 December 2015 (video conference)

  • “Street-Level Bureaucracy Research : advancing the field”

    with Evelyn Brodkin and Michael Lipsky, concluding panel, Street-level Research in the Employment and Social Policy Area, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, 18th -19th November 2015.

  • "When Rationalization Meets Discretion : Welfare Fraud Control in the Neo-managerial Era"

    Street-level Research in the Employment and Social Policy Area, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, 18th -19th November 2015.

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  • Culture as a Vocation

    Sociology of Career Choices in Cultural Management

    with the collaboration of Victor Lepaux
    translated by Jean-Yves Bart
    Routledge CRESC series, 2015.
    Available in hardback and e-book.

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    Vocational occupations are attractive not so much for their material rewards as for the prestige and self-fulfillment they confer. They require a strong personal commitment, which can be subjectively experienced in terms of passion and selflessness. The choice of a career in the cultural sector provides a good example of this. What are the terms of this calling ? What predisposes individuals to answer it ? What are the meanings of such a choice ? To answer these questions, this book focuses on would-be cultural managers. By identifying their social patterns, by revealing the resources, expectations and visions of the world they invest in their choice, it sheds new light on these occupations. In these intermediary and indeterminate social positions, family heritages intersect with educational strategies and aspirations of upward mobility with tactics against downward mobility. Ultimately the study of career choices in cultural management suggests a new take on the analysis of social reproduction. The empirical findings of this research conducted in France are set in a broader comparative perspective, at the European level and with the USA.

    ’Every year, thousands of talented young people aspire to careers in the arts. Vincent Dubois’s brilliant sociological analysis of French careers in cultural management reveals the challenges - and often disappointments - which lie in their way. This book will be essential reading across the globe for those interested in how career patterns in the cultural sector are changing’. Pr. Mike Savage, Head of Sociology Department and Chair, London School of Economics

    ’Many have wondered : what is arts management ? Few answers truly satisfy. Vincent Dubois poses a set of fresh questions and manages to answer this and far more in his well-researched, highly readable volume. It should be required reading in our field.’
    Pr. Constance DeVereaux, Director, LEAP Institute for the Arts, Colorado State University, USA

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    Chapter 1. Culture in the space of career choices

    1.1. How cultural occupations became attractive
    1.1.1. The rise of cultural employment
    1.1.2. Cultural managers : Professional labels and vocations
    1.1.3. An attractive sector despite poor employment conditions
    1.1.4. The attraction of uncertainty
    1.2. Training and the genesis of vocations
    1.2.1. The development of specialized training programs in cultural management
    1.2.2. The structured of the specialized training supply
    1.2.3. The effects of the specialization of training

    Chapter 2. Who wants to be a cultural manager ?

    2.1. A largely feminine vocation
    2.2. Higher social backgrounds
    2.3. Educated applicants
    2.4. Well-rounded applicants
    2.5. The space of applicants

    Chapter 3. The meanings of a career choice

    3.1. Leaving doors open
    3 1.1. A genuine choice
    3.1.2. The narratives of vocation
    3.1.3. Choosing the cultural sector rather than a given occupation
    3.2. A third way between art and teaching
    3.2.1. Teaching as a foil
    3.2.2. The artistic vocation as a reference
    3.3. The social rationales of a career choice
    3.3.1. Dreams of social mobility
    3.3.2. Professional reproduction
    3.3.3. A devalued cultural capital and a reinvested educational capital
    3.3.4. Self-assertion

    Chapter 4. Intermediary dispositions and adjustment strategies

    4.1. Between cultural legitimism and eclecticism
    4.2. Reinvesting the artist’s life
    4.2.1. Re-enchanting work
    4.2.2. The new spirit of capitalism embodied
    4.2.3. A different form of political awareness



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    Reviews : Arts Management Newsletter / Arts Management Ireland / International Journal of Cultural Policy / Journal of Arts Management Law and Society, Kulturmanagement

    Voir en ligne : Routledge

  • « Sociologie de la culture »

    in Dictionnaire de sociologie, A. Michel-Encyclopædia Universalis, nouvelle édition, 2015 (version revue et mise à jour du texte de 2007).


    Voir en ligne : Encyclopedia Universalis

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